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Power Boats

Yacht lengths normally range from 30 ft up to hundreds of feet. A luxury craft smaller than 39 ft is more commonly called a cabin cruiser or simply a cruiser. Motor yachts typically have one or two internal combustion engines that burn diesel fuel or gasoline.

The shape of a motor yacht’s hull may be based on displacement, planing, or in between. Although monohulls have long been the standard in motor yachts, multihulls are gaining in popularity.

Motor yachts generally fit into the following activity categories:

  • Day cruiser yacht (no cabin, sparse amenities)
  • Weekender yacht (one or two basic cabins, basic galley appliances and plumbing)
  • Cruising yacht (sufficient amenities to allow for living aboard for extended periods)
  • Sport fishing yacht (yacht with living amenities and sporting fishing equipment)
  • Luxury yacht (similar to the last three types of yachts, with more luxurious finishings/amenities and attention to lifestyle detail)